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WOO-UP | Store Management Apps for iPhone and Android

Woo-Up provides a smart way to upload product photos to Woo-Commerce stores. It also provides Instagram like pre-defined filters and photo editing tools to enhance product photos. Online store owners can also use Woo-Up to create new products right from their mobile phones, a functionality that was missing from Woo-Commerce mobiles apps.

Woo-Up has been developed for both iOS and Android platforms with a communication layer based on Woo-Commerce APIs that will allow store owners to connect any Woo-Commerce store with this app and start uploading new products without an issue.

These mobile apps use Woo-Commerce API authentication process to connect and manage product details including price and quantities.

…The Instagram inspired photo filters provides exciting options to enhance product photos and improve conversion.

The initial project has been prototyped, designed and developed by Kodenext in record time. And we are currently working with Artisan Markets with the next set of functionalities to be included to these apps. It has been envisioned to add more filters and editing options with product management and reporting features.

Project info
Mobile Apps
Woo Commerce, Mobile
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Mobile Apps
iPhone and Android mobile apps to manage products.
Woo Commerce
Works with existing or new Woo-commerce Stores
Trusted authentication process with Woo-commerce APIs
Catalogue Management
Manage product information including product price and quantities
Photo Filters
Instagram style photo filters to enhance product photos
Easy to use
Easy onboarding process that enables fast product management
Woo-commerce is the most widely used e-commerce platform on WordPress and 56% of the overall e-commerce stores uses it to showcase their products for online selling. However, the solution lacks in free mobile support for many common and useful features like product upload and management from their mobile app platform, and hence there are thousands of businesses which cannot take advantage of managing their stores remotely.

Woo-Up comes up with a solution for online store owners with their e-commerce stores set up with Woo-commerce. It provides with options to take photos directly from the app and apply one of the many pre-defined photo filters and work with the photo editing tools to enhance
product photos and allow them to directly upload these photos to their online stores. It uses the Woo-commerce APIs to identify, authenticate and connect with existing e-commerce stores and enable store owners to upload new products easily from their mobiles.

The solution enabled both iPhone and Android phone users to take full advantage of their e-commerce platform by adding and managing product inventory right from their mobile phones.

Future versions will include more store management tools like product sync and store reports. More photo editing tools will also be included that will support online store owners to take and post beautiful product pictures and enhance conversions from their e-commerce stores.

Engagement Process

We work with startups at various different levels at their journey to greatness. Our cost effective development models helped many startups during their pre-seed phase and our pilot implementations get them to get noticed, raise funds, won awards and close big business deals.  We worked closely with our partners to collaborate, support and suggest the best technical pathways for initiating new digital revolutions. n as much details as possible about their needs and requirements.

Prototyping 90%
Design 90%
Architecture 90%
Development 90%
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The App Is Available For

The iPhone mobile app is compatible with iOS 7 and above.


The Android app has been tested with V4.3 and above.